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Sep 12, 2023

Our special guest Shawn Lesser has a powerful story. You’ll hear Shawn's story, along with his crucial wisdom in this special 20-minute bonus episode. As you listen, I encourage you to think about someone who might also need to hear this message. Be ready to share this episode, as it could help to save...

Aug 18, 2023

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast!

Our wise guest is a multi-talented creative professional who lives to inspire others and help restore hope to struggling people.

Ayanna Pope shares her insights on how to use wisdom to create meaningful connections and to empower others. She offers her advice on how to cultivate a...

Jul 26, 2023

Building a Legacy of Wisdom with Clay Davis: The Power of Presence, Patience, and Reflection

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg.

Ready to build some wisdom? I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Clay Davis - a podcast host, author and technology executive. We explored his...

Jul 2, 2023

From 'Watch for Deer' to Wisdom: A Journey of Creativity, Resilience, and Self-Discovery with Pamela Kesling

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg.

Growing up in the countryside of West Virginia, my dear friend Pamela Kesling was infused with a creative spark that continues to shine...

Jun 13, 2023

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast. Our special guest is a savvy, serial entrepreneur with several start-ups and successful exits to his credit.

Marc Gorlin is the founder and CEO of Roadie, a UPS Company. Roadie is a logistics management and crowdsourced delivery platform that provides businesses with a faster, cheaper,...