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Nov 10, 2023

Welcome to our Centennial show … the Hundo, number 100. An episode this special deserves a very special guest, and I have one for you. This guest is the youngest person ever to appear on our show. Despite his younger age, you will quickly discover that he is truly wise, thanks to his lived experience.

Sherman Lineberg is an 18-year-old, talented young man who has overcome serious adversity and challenges in his life, including a four-year journey through an autoimmune illness. He is courageous and resilient. He is my son.

Sherman is a recent high school graduate and part time student at Marshall University, where he is studying cyber forensic science. Sherman is a two time state champion in eSports, where he captained his high school squad. He's also a talented golfer and bowler. He's a gifted problem solver who's adept with electronic and mechanical repair. Sherman is presently working as a bowling alley mechanic.

He joins us today in person, here inside Parkwood Studios in Charleston, West Virginia.

Get ready, over the next 30 minutes in this special 100th episode, we will tee up some serious wisdom.



Contact Sherman on Discord: Splash313

Sherman’s functional medicine doctor - Kanodia MD website



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Episode Chapters

[0:00:01 - 0:04:30] - Intro, Welcome and Guest Bio; thoughts on being the son of a podcaster

[0:05:02 - 0:09:20] - Sherman’s four-year journey through an autoimmune illness; seeking and finding care

[0:09:21 - 0:12:25] - Holding onto hope; advice for others battling extended illnesses or challenges

[0:12:46 - 0:17:57] - Tapping into Sherman’s main-thing wisdom; the Hoover Dam - learning to release; applications of Sherman’s wisdom;  warning signs and pain points; faith in God

[0:17:58 - 0:22:45] - Looking ahead; new aspirations and hope; advice for parents whose child with an extended, invisible illness; Outro


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