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Dec 5, 2023

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast. Our special guest today is someone I’ve known for quite a while. He’s an incredibly resilient, strong and hope-filled person. Larry Ambrose was living the life of his dreams as a husband, father and corporate executive with GE when tragedy struck, and his wife suddenly passed away two months after giving birth to their eighth child.

By the grace of God and the help of a small army of a support system, he was able to stabilize and continue to raise his family and excel in his career.  But six years of trying to do it all eventually took its toll, and Larry was forced to take a leave of absence. A gut-wrenching and soul-searching process resulted in a new life mission statement for Larry. He made the decision to walk away from a company and career that he loved, to stay home and raise his children.

Today, with the goal of achieving a life of joy and now thriving again, Larry Ambrose is fulfilling his life’s mission completely. Larry and fiancée Dawne Jacoby have launched #Grit2Grace - a company designed to offer hope, inspiration, and real-world solutions to those who need it. Through their speaking, coaching, book writing and podcasting, they teach how faith, resilience and doing the hard work can help you get unstuck, find your true purpose, and live a life of joy.

Larry joins us today from his home in Philadelphia.

Get ready! Over the next 9 minutes, you will discover why Larry Ambrose is one of the wisest - and strongest - people I know.



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Episode Chapters

0:03:07 - Lifelong connections

0:05:13 - When tragedy struck

0:08:37 - Reaching the breaking point

0:10:53 - Crying out to God; transformation through faith and prayer

0:12:47 - Making a uncommon and crucial decision; gaining clarity

0:14:44 - A new path and new ventures; living into the new mission.

0:17:08 - Larry reveals his Main Thing wisdom

0:18:15 - The trouble with trying to dodge pain