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Dec 22, 2023

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast - and a very special year-end episode!Pressed for time and desperately needing to publish the final episode of 2023, our harried host, Skip Lineberg, takes you along on a grocery run. Podcasting from a moving vehicle is not recommended, by the way.

No sooner than Skip sets foot inside Wisdom Market, he encounters his good friend, Rachel Bell. The two embark on a brief shopping journey - together.  They’re not looking for bread, milk, eggs or coffee. What they are shopping for may surprise you!

Along their journey through Wisdom Market, Rachel and Skip share some favorite moments from Season Four. Their picks and faves include prior shows, as well as books discussed on the podcast. A surprise guest appears when they tussle with a cantankerous grocery store manager. Can you guess who plays this cameo role?


Brief Bio for Rachel Bell

Rachel Bell is a book publishing professional and startup founder who is on a mission to propel the book industry forward. She works with authors, distributors, printers and brands to elevate and amplify their stories.

Rachel is co-founder of Overcup Press, an award-winning independent publishing company. During the early stages of COVID-19, when the book industry faced supply chain and distributions issues, Rachel founded Printer’s Row, a business-to-business online marketplace. Her previous publishing experience includes Adweek Magazines and Pomegranate Communications. Rachel Bell is driven by the power of books to save us, give us a window into the larger world, and preserve humanity through storytelling. She joins us from Portland, Oregon.


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Episode Chapters

[0:00:01] - Shopping for Wisdom and Inspiration

[0:05:27] - Discoveries in Brain, Soul, Food

[0:21:57] - Book Recommendations and Grocery Shopping

[0:33:06] - Skip and Bob Discuss What’s Coming in 2024 on the Podcast