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Aug 24, 2021

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg.

Our special guest today is a long-time, personal friend. He’s someone whom I’ve known since high school, who has achieved tremendous success. Steve Denton is the CEO of Ware2Go, a UPS company.

A serial entrepreneur with deep expertise in digital technology, e-commerce and AI, Steve is now squarely focused on creating smarter fulfillment networks and democratizing delivery.

Prior to joining Ware2Go, Denton was President and Chief Revenue Officer of Collective[I]. He’s also served as GM and VP of eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions. Prior to his career in technology, Steve held leadership roles at FedEx and Pepsi.

He is the father of two college students and is married to his college sweetheart. They currently reside in Atlanta, GA.



Steve Denton on LinkedIn

Ware2Go [A UPS Company]


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Content You’ll Find in this Podcast

[2:45] - The spark that ignited Steve's entrepreneurial journey

[3:44] - His early days at big corporations, Pepsi and FedEx

[4:03] - Steve characterizes himself more as an “intrapreneur"

[4:45] - Rewinding the clock; how we know one another

[6:00] - What’s the Main Thing he’s learned in his lifetime so far?

[6:45] - His learning was rooted in getting the hard stuff wrong

[7:20] - The pivotal power of intentionality, prioritization and focus

[8:30] - Where discipline comes into the mix

[9:10] - Steve shares a recent example of facing the hard stuff

[10:54] - The symptoms of not getting the hard stuff right

[11:40] - Thank-you and good-bye