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Sep 14, 2021

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! Special guest, Betsy Wills, is the co-founder of YouScience, a national online psychometric assessment service. It is used by 25% of high schools in the U.S. Additionally, tens of thousands of adults in over 20 countries utilize the online program to shape and manage their ongoing careers.

Since 2002, Betsy has consulted with individuals, corporations and groups on personal & professional development. She is a regular guest lecturer at Vanderbilt University and Tennessee State University. Betsy has been a featured speaker for TEDx Women.  

Betsy is a graduate of Vanderbilt Univ. and holds an M.Ed from Peabody Coll. She lives in Nashville, TN.

Over the next 9 minutes, you’ll discover why Betsy Wills is one of the wisest people I know.



Betsy Wills on LinkedIn

YouScience website


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Content You’ll Find in this Podcast

[1:43] - Introducing Betsy

[2:55] - Betsy explains the development of an aptitude assessment

[3:33] - We discuss how we know one another

[4:30] - Betsy reveals her main thing, her wisdom lesson

[5:05] - Focusing on our innate abilities, versus struggling to gain competence across a broad range of tasks and activities

[5:35] - Understanding oneself better can lead to greater satisfaction

[6:07] - Common misunderstandings about aptitudes

[6:31] - You can’t game or outsmart an aptitude assessment

[6:50] - Why Skip will never be a left-handed calligrapher

[8:12] - Betsy’s 100 year-old grandmother influenced her long-range thinking and life-planning

[8:45] - How Betsy eliminated the “tyranny of choice”

[9:20] - Why we shouldn’t put our current job “on the witness stand”

[9:50] - Betsy helps people transform from “the walking dead” to “the energizer bunny”

[10:30] - Why we need to recognize the risk of obsolescence and learn how to deal with this threat

[11:05] - Betsy explains how to access YouScience aptitude assessments; generously offers a free consulting session for the first 15 listeners to reach out to her.

[11:45] - Thank you and good-bye