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Feb 5, 2022

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg.


This is a special episode. It’s the first episode in our mini-series “Wisdom Revisited.” In response to your feedback, we are reconnecting with a few of our most popular guests from Seasons 1 and 2. We will revisit those guests and revisit their wisdom, their main thing.


What will we find? Has it remained the primary driving force in their life? Or has something new taken that place of prominence in their heart and mind?


Today, we are joined by Dr. David Clayman. He’s a clinical psychologist with specialized training in medical psychology. Dr. Clayman first appeared on this podcast in Ep. 13 from Season 1. “Doc” is also a longtime friend and mentor to me. He comes to us from Charleston, West Virginia.


Here in this special 20-minute episode of Wisdom Revisited, you’ll find out how Dr. David Clayman has applied - and perhaps evolved - his wisdom. 



Connect with Dr. David Clayman on LinkedIn

Clayman & Associates website

Dr. Clayman’s induction into the WV Healthcare Hall of Fame

Ep. 13 of The Main Thing Podcast feat. 9 Mins of Wisdom from Dr. Clayman


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Content You’ll Enjoy in this Podcast


[0:01] - Dr. Clayman’s Main Thing #wisdom from March 2020

[0:15] - Intro

[1:15] - Greeting and opening dialog; looking back at his wisdom; events of March 2020

[2:07] - Changes in Doc’s life since that time; coming to grips with #vulnerability and #mortality

[3:45] - The responsibilities of a leader; dealing with uncertainty while striving for peace

[4:40] - Recognizing blessings every day; picking up the pennies - not waiting for dollar bills

[4:55] - Is his main thing still the main thing - or has it changed?

[5:50]- Main thing: a daily duty - or a buoy to attach your boat line?

[6:52] - Looking deeper into vulnerability and connecting with his main thing

[7:50] - The origin of Doc’s main thing; 1970s campus protests and Rabbi Abraham Heschel

[9:40] - The essence of life; a phone call home to daddy

[10:44] - A kiss on the forehead and a promise

[11:23] - Doc reflects on wisdom of Bobby Herrera (Ep. 27) and other Main Thing guests

[12:30] - God helps to weave this community of caring, unselfish leaders and life-long learners

[13:40] - Legacy, impact of mentors on our lives; paying it forward; framed photo of “The Chief”

[15:30] - Doc shares what’s on his horizon; celebrating an important victory; his upcoming book

[16:55] - Love, gratitude and good-bye

[17:17] - Outro

[17:44] - An opportunity to join Dr. David Clayman in a worthy cause

[19:30] - End