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Mar 24, 2022

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg.


Our special guest is so dynamic. When I think of this person, I can’t help but think of The Energizer Bunny. He just keeps going … and going … and going. Jim Strawn is a charismatic leader, doing his part to make America and his home state of West Virginia a better place … to live, work, learn and play. In pursuit of this, Jim wears many hats:  author, TV show host, emcee, marketing & PR strategist, fundraiser, radio personality, basketball public address announcer, track athlete and university professor. He is also the president of Jim Strawn & Company. Jim and wife, Lisa, reside in Charleston, WV. You’re in for a whirlwind of wisdom from this energetic, wise guest!



Learn more about Jim’s story, his work and his interests here.

Check out Jim’s “Sad Mad Glad Book” series here.


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Content You’ll Enjoy in this Podcast

[0:01] - Intro and welcome

[1:20] - Jim Strawn’s brief bio

[2:15] - Greetings

[2:22] - Jim’s track & field pursuits in the WV Senior Games

[3:15] - The source of Jim’s boundless energy

[4:02] - Does Jim ever have a down day, or is he always up?

[4:45] - Jim shares his morning routine and a bit about his faith

[5:42] - How we're connected; shout out to mutual friend Jeff Jarrell

[6:40] - An invitation for you to help keep this pipeline of wisdom flowing

[7:50] - Jim shares his Main Thing

[8:55] - Looking deeper into adaptability, stress and empathy

[9:35] - Breaking free from the ‘hamster wheel syndrome;’ women take note

[10:50] - Jim shares the inspiration behind his book series - “The Sad Mad Glad Books"

[12:52] - A contest for listeners and a chance to win a set of four books “Sad Mad Glad”

[13:40] - Thank-you and goodbye

[13:55] - Outro