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Apr 15, 2022

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg. 

Our guest today brings an amazing and inspirational life story to our wisdom journey. Terrance Pope was born and raised in the city of Detroit. After the incarceration of his father and the sudden death of his mother, a life-altering exchange in 2011 would land Terrance in the hospital. This  incident led to Terrance being shot seven times, as a result of gang affiliation and the influence of drugs.

Terrance, now a paraplegic incomplete, is a believer in Christ, a husband and father. His mission is to make an impact in the lives of men and women, helping them find hope and live out their true identity. Terrance is CEO & Founder of Transitionz7, a mentoring program aimed at helping young men transition from the streets. Through targeted services and strategic impact, the program leads young men into a more positive, functional way of living.

Terrance Pope is the author of “Sitting Down was the Tallest I Ever Stood: from MOB to M.O.G." His new book gives the reader an up-close and personal view into his life story and his powerful transformation.

Buckle up. Get ready to be inspired. Over the next 25 minutes you will discover why Terrance Pope is one of the wisest people I know.



Learn more about Terrance’s work and mission here.

Buy a copy of Terrance Pope’s book here.


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Content You’ll Enjoy in this Podcast

[0:01] - Intro and welcome

[1:45] - Terrance Pope’s brief bio

[2:45] - Greetings; two men who each survived a seven-day coma

[4:10] - How we are connected

[5:55] - About Terrance’s new book 

[6:35] - Growing up in inner-city Detroit; Terrance’s early years

[7:18] - Terrance discusses the effects of gang culture on his life

[8:14] - Fateful day: story of Terrance being shot by rival gang members

[9:35] - Dying on the parking lot of a convenience store

[10:10] - He cries out to God; police saved his life, bent the rules

[11:20] - Skip recites an inventory of remarkable occurrences

[12:45] - Clinging to life in the back of a police cruiser

[14:01] - Twice dead; then a coma

[15:01] - “I can’t feel my legs”

[15:20] - Overcoming depression, other struggles; reclaiming his life

[16:10] - Courage to look in the mirror; dealing with powerful emotions

[17:00] - Skip describes the book “Sitting Down Was the Tallest I Ever Stood”

[17:35] - Terrance shares about adapting to life in a wheelchair

[19:35] - Living fully dependent on God; discovering his true identity

[20:35] - Fear and insecurities; replacing lies with the truth

[21:00] - Terrance shares his Main Thing

[22:00] - Courage to step into the unknown from the known

[23:20] - Things he wouldn’t do standing up, he now does sitting down

[23:45] - Physical transformation; impact on mental health; a related big goal

[25:10] - Thank-you and goodbye

[25:33] - Outro