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Jun 29, 2022

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast! Our special guest is a wise and gifted person. He’s one of those people with whom you always feel better, smarter and lighter, having spent time in their company.

Gaurav Arora is a professional coach and guide who helps leaders move to the next level in their personal and professional lives. Through his work, Gaurav assists leaders to bring out the most in their leadership gifts, while gaining new skills and techniques. He believes that Coaching has arrived as an incredibly effective way to help people develop others — and themselves.

He has been blessed with the gift of extracting wisdom from people by connecting with them at the deepest possible level. Gaurav is passionate about sharing wisdom broadly with others to help them learn and grow. One way he does this is through his weekly podcast “The xMonks Drive.” Gaurav joins us from New Delhi, India.

Get ready: over the next 9 minutes you will discover why Gaurav Arora is one of the wisest people I know!



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Content You Will Enjoy in This Episode

[00:00:01] - Intro and welcome

[00:01:52] - Brief bio for Gaurav Arora; his podcast The xMonks Drive

[00:03:25] - Gaurav shares a snapshot of his home - New Delhi, India

[00:04:25] - A story from his visit to Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas

[00:06:07] - How Gaurav and Skip became connected; paths meant to cross

[00:07:15] - Special opportunity for you to help keep the wisdom flowing

[00:08:25] - Gaurav Arora shares his Main Thing

[00:09:24] - Gaurav unpacks wisdom about expression, connection and contribution

[00:09:55] - “I always wanted to become …”; feeling suffocated or misaligned

[00:10:55] - The importance of discovering our superpower

[00:11:24] - Human beings are wired for connection; letting go of the masks we wear

[00:12:28] - Gaurav is a product of the genuine connections he’s built in this lifetime

[00:13:20] - Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King exemplify ‘Contribution’

[00:13:40] - What good is a half-baked cake?

[00:14:00] - Gaurav’s purpose; Shukrana in action equals service; advice from his mom

[00:15:00] - Skip reflects on the wisdom triad of expression + connection + contribution

[00:15:35] - Thank you and looking forward

[00:16:14] - Outro