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Aug 11, 2022

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast! Today we are joined by a very special guest - my wise and beautiful wife, Lisa Lineberg.

Lisa is a gifted communicator. An experienced entrepreneur. She’s a confidante to me and countless friends in our community. Lisa is a Jesus follower. She’s someone who is adventurous, perceptive and very genuine. A friend to many, Lisa is one of the most gifted, skillful listeners God put on this earth.

Born in the southern West Virginia coalfields of Williamson in Mingo County, Lisa Lineberg earned her bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from West Virginia University. She went on to become a certified fitness nutrition specialist and a serial entrepreneur in the fitness - nutrition space.

Lisa is mother to two wonderful children, Chloe and Sherman. Without a doubt, Lisa is my “secret weapon” and soulmate. She is my wife of 25 years. 

Today, on the 25th anniversary of our wedding, we fired up the microphones to share wisdom for relationships. Buckle up! Get ready to hear from one of the wisest and most dynamic guests, ever to appear on The Main Thing Podcast.


Lisa Lineberg on LinkedIn

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Content You Will Enjoy in This Episode

[00:00:01] - Intro and welcome
[00:01:50] - Brief bio for Lisa Lineberg
[00:03:20] - Why we’ve chosen to celebrate our 25th anniversary with a podcast
[00:04:01] - Who can benefit from wisdom on relationships; Parkwood scene-setter
[00:05:30] - How Lisa and Skip became connected; God’s timing is perfect
[00:08:23] - Lisa launches into wisdom nugget number one: Get the Full Story; go deep
[00:11:30] - Unpacking the second wisdom nugget: Love Language is No Quid Pro Quo
[00:13:34] - The importance of Cave Time; Lisa presents the “She BnB”
[00:16:55] - Understanding our Red Zones; avoid heavy conversations during this zone
[00:21:30] - Wrapping it all up; reflecting on the relationship wisdom we’ve gained
[00:23:01] - Family, blood and the appeal of quirkiness
[00:23:45] - Thank you and happy anniversary!
[00:24:02] - Outro