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Oct 12, 2022

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host - Skip Lineberg. 

My new friend, Debbie Henne, is a speech-language pathologist by day and an author by night. All day every day, she is a wife, mother and Jesus lover.

Debbie can often be found typing away at her computer after tucking her kids in at night. She doesn't always write at a computer. Sometimes she can be found writing with an old-fashioned pen and paper - or creating musically on the piano keyboard.

Debbie Henne believes life is not about being perfect. It's about being "ever changed." Her vision is to connect hearts to the heart of God, so people can live in the empowerment and victory that comes through a genuine connection to God. 

Debbie comes to us today from her home in Reading, Pennsylvania. 

Get ready! Over the next 9 minutes you will discover why Debbie Henne is one of the wisest people I know.



Deborah Henne’s website

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Content You Will Enjoy in This Episode


[00:00:01] - Intro and welcome

[00:01:35] - Brief bio for Debbie Henne

[00:02:33] - Greetings and opening dialog

[00:02:50] - Debbie previews her new book “Gentleness - It’s Not What You Think”

[00:03:35] - Why Gentleness? What motivated her to write about it?

[00:04:50] - With gentleness comes power; contrast with fear and timidity

[00:06:00] - How Skip and Debbie are connected

[00:07:15] - Learn about our online book store

[00:07:52] - Debbie Henne shares her Main Thing

[00:08:45] - The downside of not living with Debbie's wisdom

[00:09:52] - Skip shares the experience of being around a friend who’s always negative

[00:10:43] - How to avoid becoming Negative Nancy or Pessimistic Pete

[00:12:40] - A few examples when she’s applied her Main Thing

[00:13:40] - What God is telling Debbie to help her get through fear, pursue her calling

[00:14:30] - Thank you and good-bye

[00:15:07] - Outro