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Apr 23, 2021

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! My special guest Crystal Good is one of the most creative people I know. You heard her bold wisdom in Episode 44, our standard nine-minute show. 

Today you will get The Whole Thing. In this 25 minute show, you’ll get more of my conversation with the dynamic, wildly creative Affrilachian Poet and three-time TEDx speaker, Crystal Good. It’s a less edited, more organic version of my fascinating conversation with Crystal. More wisdom. More laughter. And you’ll learn more about her creative work, her advocacy and her life’s journey. 

Bio (in case you missed Ep. 44)

Crystal Good is hard to put in one category, the poet and performer prefers artist, advocate, digital media entrepreneur. Crystal is building, author of a poetry collection titled “Valley Girl" and is a known US Supreme Court nominee dissenter. She serves in the completely made up but totally real office of Social Media Senator for The Digital District Of West Virginia. Crystal comes to us from Charleston, West Virginia.


Connect with Crystal Good on Twitter @CGoodwoman

Black By God website

Check out all of Crystal’s featured creative works

Crystal sells panties & other cool merch:

She inspired Jeff James to write this book


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What You'll Hear 

[1:45] - Crystal describes her new project Black By God dot org

[4:05] - How we are connected #connections

[6:05] - The day she inspired Jeff James to write the book “Giving Up Whiteness” The inspiration for her Main Thing

[9:55] - The impact of being “that one person”

[10:45] - An example of when Crystal applied her #wisdom 

[12:20] - Listening to that little voice

[13:10] - We're not on this planet alone

[14:30] - Listening to and trusting the Holy Spirit #faith

[16:00] - From age 16 to 46 a wisdom journey #personalgrowth

[16:55] - Downside of not living the wisdom: self-doubt, anger, #depression

[17:30] - Her #recovery journey and sharing the experience openly

[18:48] - Crystal reveals her runner-up Main Thing

[19:20] - Mark 5:41 applying the scriptural command “Get up, girl”

[21:00] - Crystal leaves me speechless. Host cries mid-show for the first time #tears

[21:25] - Lightning Round - quirky questions + lots of laughs, brought to you by @PodDecks [] 

[22:40] - A remote control Barbie that can do fashion runway

[23:20] - Crystal invents a fancy biscuit with sausage and gouda

[24:45] - The Hint Water lady, Jeff James and us - we’re all connected #connections

[25:00] - goodbye #hackingwisdom