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May 4, 2024

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast! Each episode we bring you a concise, high impact wisdom lesson from one of the wisest people I know. Studying their wisdom and Learning together, we all get just a little bit better at this thing called life.

Living with Intention: A Youth Pastor's Journey of Purposeful Wisdom and Creative Ministry

In the labyrinth of life's endless choices and pathways, it is the rare individual who walks with deliberate steps, who finds a compass in the chaos. Dylan Frercks is such an individual—a 29 year-old youth pastor whose spirit is infused with a wisdom that belies the conventional expectations of his age. For Dylan, this path is paved with intentionality, creativity, and an unwavering pursuit of spiritual depth.

In this episode, we sit with Dylan, whose story is not just a chronicle of guiding the young, but an inspired journey of living with purpose. Join us as we explore how this modern-day mentor navigates the challenges of youth ministry, bringing a unique perspective to the timeless quest for a life well-lived.

More About Our Wise Guest - Youth Pastor Dylan Frercks

Dylan Frercks is a ministry professional who has the challenging and vital job of mentoring middle school and high school students outside the classroom. In this role, Dylan comes alongside teenagers to provide hope, encouragement and a sense of belonging, while introducing them to Jesus.

His journey in faith and service is underpinned by a Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University. Dylan brings a decade of experience in student ministry to his current role at River Ridge Church. Dylan finds joy in photography, travel and exploring the latest in technology. He and his wife Elizabeth reside in the Charleston, West Virginia area.

Now, settle in and get ready … over the next nine minutes, you will discover why Dylan Frercks is one of the wisest people I know.


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Episode Chapters

0:03:24 - Called into action from the pastoral bullpen on short notice

0:04:59 - Dylan takes us inside the role of youth pastor

0:06:00 - Skip & Dylan riff on the lifestyle and mindset of a creative professional

0:08:30 - Dylan reveals his main thing wisdom

0:12:13 - What’s forming or de-forming us? Symptoms of media oversaturation

0:14:32 - Dylan shares encouragement for all of us over the long term


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