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Aug 4, 2020

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast and another dose of wisdom. I’m your host, Skip Lineberg. I am delighted to introduce you to my special guest, Mike Stotsky.

Mike Stotsky thrives on creating uniquely memorable experiences. Whether that’s an experience tailored for his family, friends or clients, it almost always involves music. This father of three presently works for New York-based brand storytelling agency INVNT. He also embodies experience gained with media companies and other prominent ad agencies.

Mike began his career in radio with Washington - Baltimore  powerhouse WHFS. What captured his heart and imagination most strongly during those days were fairs and festivals that brought diverse groups together to share music & experiences. Mike Stotsky took that passion and parlayed it into a long, successful career in event marketing and sponsorships. Today, those events are morphing from synchronous, face-to-face events to shared virtual experiences, on an ever-wider range of platforms … and  some that blend both real-time and virtual.

Over the next nine minutes, you will discover why Mike Stotsky is one of the wisest people I know.


Follow the musical tastes of Mike Stotsky on Spotify.

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