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Mar 8, 2022

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg.

Dr. Trish Ring is a psychologist who has re-invented her career many times, as a therapist, a speaker, a radio-show host, a personal coach, a lifestyle guru and a horse whisperer.

She is now turning her attention to writing a memoir, “By the Book: A Bible Belt Memoir of Growing Up Good and Southern.” In it, she weaves together tales of a childhood in the American South, as well as good southern yarns about family skeletons, how to believe in yourself no matter what and how to live with courage and lots of love. Trish brings  smarts, hard-earned wisdom and a wry sense of humor to her writing that appeals to all ages of Southerners and Yankees alike. She comes to us today from her home in Memphis, TN.

Saddle up! Get ready to discover why Trish Ring is one of the wisest people I know.


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Content You’ll Enjoy in this Podcast

[0:01] - Intro and welcome

[1:25] - Share this show with someone you care about.

[1:35] - Trish Ring’s brief bio

[2:40] - How Trish became a horse whisperer

[3:55] - How we came to know each other

[5:14] - Trish shares her main thing

[5:51] - What workaholics, rule followers and people-pleasers have in common

[6:45] - Not fitting in - perhaps the most common fear

[7:20] - The lie we all need to reject

[8:10] - Who’s ready to take a wise, healthy risk?

[8:45] - How to know if this is affecting you; over-achievers take note

[9:35] - Breaking free from the ‘hamster wheel syndrome;’ women take note

[10:45] - Control is an illusion

[11:30] - Trish serves up a smidgeon from her new book

[12:47] - Thank-you and goodbye

[13:17] - Outro