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Oct 26, 2022

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! This special episode is part of  our mini-series “Wisdom Revisited,” where we are reconnecting with a few of our most popular guests from Seasons 1 & 2. We will revisit those guests and revisit their wisdom, their main thing. Has it remained the  driving force in their life? Or has something new taken that place of prominence in their heart and mind?


In this special 25-minute episode, we are joined by Helena Brantley, a public relations executive, who helps scholars and subject matter experts share their ideas widely, most often in book format. She first appeared on The Main Thing Podcast in October 2020. Listen and discover how Helena Brantley has applied - and perhaps evolved - her Main Thing wisdom. 

Recap of Helena's Bio:

After an early career in public relations and marketing, Helena founded Red Pencil Publicity + Marketing in 2010. She works with a small team of design, edit and production professionals on projects for authors, publishers and nonprofits. Helena lives in Alameda, California with three avid readers: her husband and two daughters. 



Helena’s website Red Pencil Publicity + Marketing

Link to cookbook Helena recommended on this show “The Cook You Want to Be”

Helena’s keynote address for the PPN Conference 2022

Ep. 31 of The Main Thing Podcast featuring 9 mins. of wisdom with Helena Brantley

Helena’s Instagram: @HelenaBrantley


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Content You’ll Enjoy in this Podcast


[00:01] - Helena Brantley’s Main Thing wisdom from October 2020

[00:10] - Intro, welcome and opening dialog

[02:00] - Quick recap of Helena’s bio

[03:05] - Helena’s passion for food - eating it, cooking it and reading about it

[05:01] - Book recommendation from Helena

[06:00] - Revisiting Helena’s main thing; looking back on “valuing relationships, all of them”

[07:26] - An invitation for you to help keep the pipeline of wisdom flowing

[08:38] - Skip tests an idea with Helena; who we meet along the path of life

[10:55] - Surprises along the way; difficult people and difficult encounters

[12:24] - Removing hardness from our hearts; Helena reflects on her practice

[14:45] - The temptation to choose anger; reminding oneself of better choices

[15:30] - Praying as we put on our armor; lesson from Helena’s father

[16:44] - Temptation to fire off an anger-laden email response; seeking guidance

[17:32] - Being mindful of signals inside our bodies

[18:40] - Skip reflects on his practice and releasing hardness from his heart 

[19:40] - Helena delivers a keynote speech; an introvert’s challenge with public speaking

[22:30] - Balancing all the heavy things in the world today, while seeking a soft heart

[24:05] - Thank-you and goodbye