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Nov 10, 2022

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast! A shout out of gratitude to my subscribers. And a sincere thank-you to our returning patron, Bill from Tennessee. Folks like Bill help to keep this pipeline of wisdom flowing. 

Our special guest today is a wise, insightful and gifted person. Max Knapp is a born and raised West Virginian who prides himself on his curiosity, and attributes his open-mindedness to the perspective he gained from his time spent outside his home state.

Upon receiving his graduate degree, Max spent the early years of his career working as an analyst on Wall Street, helping advise large-scale businesses on mergers and acquisitions. In 2016, Max decided to return to West Virginia with his newly-acquired skillset in hopes of helping revitalize the place he’s always called home. In the ensuing six years, Max has played a role in several business acquisitions himself, and continues to guide aspiring entrepreneurs with similar ambitions. Max co-founded the wealth management firm Blackbear Capital, working with individuals and institutions throughout West Virginia.
Max resides in Charleston, West Virginia, with his wife Kylie and young son, Dexter.

Get ready! Over the next 9 minutes you will discover why Max Knapp is one of the wisest people I know.


Blackbear Capital website
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Content You Will Enjoy in This Episode

[00:00:01] - Intro and welcome
[00:02:12] - Brief bio for Max Knapp
[00:03:17] - Greetings and opening dialog
[00:03:50] - Max provides a glimpse of life working on Wall Street
[00:04:38] - Moving back to West Virginia; time slows down
[00:05:20] - Good connections; how Max and Skip are connected; Dr. David Clayman
[00:06:50] - An opportunity for you to help keep the pipeline of wisdom flowing
[00:08:00] - Max shares his Main Thing
[00:08:35] - Chasing things is not the pathway to success; what truly matters
[00:09:30] - Skip relates with a story about Berkshire Hathaway
[00:10:15] - The competitive desires; the urge to compete; the need to be fully present
[00:11:13] - Skip shares his struggle to resist chasing metrics as a podcaster
[00:11:53] - Focus on money, don’t make it; Focus on what’s important, the rest follows
[00:12:25] - Max provides his personal definition of success
[00:12:50] - Regaining balance + freedom in his life; his practices for greater focus
[00:14:00] - What Max doesn’t want to happen at the end of life; no future regrets
[00:14:45] - Thank you and good-bye
[00:14:58] - Outro