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Feb 24, 2023

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! Our special guest, Kate Reed, is a wise and gifted teacher whose passion for discovery will inspire you.

Kate Reed works with leaders across West Virginia in her role as Communications & Development Manager at Leadership West Virginia.

Kate also works as Co-Founder & President of Wonder & Grow, a non-profit she co-created in 2018. Its mission is to ignite a sense of wonder and grow understanding and connection with the natural world through curiosity driven exploration and mindfulness practices. 

Kate earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at West Virginia Wesleyan College and a Master’s Degree at George Washington University.

She is a certified teacher, experienced in yoga, along with various modes of meditation and mindfulness.

Kate spends her free time exploring in nature with her family in the  Monongahela National Forest among the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia.

Settle in and get ready. Over the next nine minutes, you will discover why Kate Reed is one of the wisest people I know.



Wonder & Grow website

Kate Reed on LinkedIn

Book Kate mentioned “Lord Teach Me to Pray” on Amazon


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Content You’ll Love in This Episode

[0:02:00] - Brief bio for Kate Reed

[0:02:58] - Opening dialog

[0:03:13] - Explore the meaning and richness of wonder

[0:04:57] - Growing up in nature amidst the Allegheny Mountains

[0:05:48] - Kate paints a word picture of the Monongahela Forest

[0:07:32] - How Skip and Kate are connected

[0:08:31] - Opportunity for you to keep the pipeline of wisdom flowing

[0:09:42] - Kate shares her Main Thing wisdom lesson

[0:10:24] - Kate recalls when her Main Thing crystallized; a special book

[0:11:33] - Story of a recent time when Kate had to apply her wisdom

[0:12:19] - Signals inside our bodies tell us we need to slow down

[0:13:28] - Thank-you and goodbye

[0:13:50] - Outro