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Mar 7, 2024

Our special guest today has a special story, incredible fortitude and a huge heart. In a moment, you are going to hear an interview that’s amazing … sad … hopeful … shocking. It’s a triumphant story. And a powerful testimony. So … If you are seeking inspiration. If you are searching for hope … you’ve come to the right place. This is a special 39-minute episode. Some stories simply cannot be contained in a 9-minute package.

Our wisdom conversation with Dawne Jacoby will leave you with the unmistakable feeling:  “I can do this. It doesn’t matter what bad things have happened to me … or what setbacks I have incurred. Those things do not define me — and they only hold me back if I allow it.”

Dawne was a former corporate executive, whose efforts were centered around growth, organizational change, relationships and development. She decided after multiple layoffs to lead with her faith and her heart to pursue her passion … to align with her purpose in this world - helping people. Today, in this special bonus episode, you will discover why Dawne Jacoby is one of the wisest people I know!

More About Our Guest

Dawne Jacoby is an author and the co-founder of Grit 2 Grace. In that role she provides transformational coaching and executive consulting, as well as keynote speaking. She is the co-host of the wonderful new podcast, “His & Her Life Hacks.” As Co-Founder of Grit2Grace, alongside her partner and fiancé, Larry Ambrose, Dawne helps people to identify and remove the limiting beliefs that hold them back - personally and professionally. Dawne helps clients uncover their true passion and strengths and creates a personalized plan so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Dawne joins us from her home in Philadelphia.



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Episode Chapters

[0:03:44] - Common thread - podcasting

[0:04:48] - A Hallmark love story; how Dawne met Larry Ambrose (TMT102)

[0:06:49] - Getting to know Dawne through the eyes of others

[0:09:20] - Overcoming trauma to find purpose

[0:11:42] - An unconscious stage of life; living in survival mode

[0:14:30] - Leaning into her faith; Dawne discusses God’s plan for her life

[0:16:39] - Childhood wounds and generational patterns

[0:17:59] - Escaping abuse and finding love

[0:19:49] - The day things changed from emotional to physical abuse; leaving home

[0:24:18] - Dawne shares advice for other victims of trauma or abuse

[0:25:31] - Opportunity for you to get additional wisdom content & exclusive benefits

[0:26:40] - Dawne reveals her Main Thing; lessons from Dr. Wayne Dyer

[0:29:49] - Applications and examples of her main-thing wisdom

[0:31:55] - Embracing change through personal growth; Dawne’s journey to healing

[0:33:27] - Nuts & bolts of her transformation; not just mental but physical work too

[0:36:55] - Dawne is living testimony that change is possible; don’t lose hope

[0:37:42] - On the horizon, what lies ahead for Dawne