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Nov 17, 2020

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast - your nine minute dose of wisdom. I’m your host Skip Lineberg, and I am delighted to introduce you to my special guest today, Jeff Lovejoy.

Jeff is a lifelong student of leadership, a virtual sponge of ideas and concepts around that topic. He is a value-centered servant leader with high-integrity and a consistent history of business & personal success. 

Jeff has proven himself to be an effective leader, over an extended period of time, in the highly competitive technology marketplace. He is engaged and passionate. Whatever he does, Jeff always leaves a positive impact on the people he touches. 

A delightful, free-spirited soul, Jeff’s hobbies include surfing, rock-climbing, bungee jumping and skydiving. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, today Jeff lives in Dallas with his wife and daughter. 

Over the next nine minutes, you'll discover why Jeff Lovejoy is one of the wisest people I know.


Jeff Lovejoy on LinkedIn

Jeff’s video series: Leader Quips


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