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Nov 16, 2021

Welcome back to the Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host, Skip Lineberg. Anyone who’s had to persevere through an extended struggle will really want to lean into today’s show. If you’re in the midst of a struggle, you will come away inspired and equipped with valuable lessons.

Our guest today is an author and a gifted communicator. R.L. Shawver grew up in a small town in West Virginia. Working in the IT / data profession, he claims to have made a career over-analyzing everything.

R.L. has redirected those analytical and communication skills toward writing and speaking, in part to help process his traumas and victories. In recent years, he has poured his focus into mental, physical and spiritual health.

R.L. is the father of two boys, the proud husband of Stephanie, and a man of strong faith. He joins us from Pittsburgh, PA.

Get ready. Over the next 9 minutes, you will discover why R.L. Shawver is one of the wisest people I know.


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Content You’ll Find in this Podcast

[2:28] - Greetings and salutations

[2:45] - R.L. shares the “elevator pitch" for his book

[3:15] - Six open heart surgeries for his infant son over 18 months

[4:00] - How we are connected

[4:50] - Chicken soup for healing

[5:15] - R.L. Shawver shares his Main Thing

[6:50] - When did this become apparent to you as wisdom truth

[7:22] - How was life different before you discovered this wisdom?

[8:05] - Reading his book changed how I pray

[8:25] - How to pray when you’re in the midst of a struggle

[9:50] - Our words have power

[10:45] - How I am praying through a struggle

[11:25] - Thank you and goodbye

[11:55] - Outro

[12:15] - An opportunity for you to support this show