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May 3, 2022

Welcome to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg. 

Our special guest brings another inspiring turnaround story and a passion for professional networking.

When Covid hit, Ben Albert was furloughed from work. He found himself down and out, staring at an empty handle of Jim Bean Whiskey. Ben was unemployed, depressed, and feeling unworthy. 

Hesitantly, he opened his laptop and started reaching out to strangers on LinkedIn. This spearheaded his entrepreneurial journey.

Ben Albert is the owner of Balbert Marketing. He is also the curator of the “Real Business Connections Network.” In a little more than a year’s time, Ben has replaced the income from his prior sales job. And is now running a successful marketing firm.


A fellow podcaster, Ben hosts five podcasts. His shows include “Rochester Business Connections” and “Learn Speak Teach.” Ben resides in Rochester, New York.


Get ready. Over the next 9 minutes, you will discover why Ben Albert is one of the wisest people I know.



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Content You’ll Enjoy in this Podcast

[0:01] - Intro and welcome

[1:05] - Ben Albert’s background and brief bio

[2:04] - Greetings

[2:20] - Lightning Round featuring 5 quirky questions from PodDecks

[4:16] - Ben shares how he got into podcasting and what he loves about it

[5:14] - How Skip and Ben are connected; strategically utilizing LinkedIn

[6:55] - Get some Main Thing Merch and help support our show; 10% discount

[7:51] - Ben shares his main thing

[8:30] - Unpacking Ben’s wisdom lesson

[9:40] - Ben’s philosophical position sparks thoughts on openness, receptivity

[9:55] - A quick riff on perfectionism

[10:38] - Ben sets an intention for all of us

[11:31] - Thank-you and goodbye

[11:48] - Outro