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Apr 11, 2023

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast. Our special guest is a Chicago native who’s lived in Nashville for the past 30 years. Maureen Doyle’s path has offered her many twists and turns. As the daughter of an Irish immigrant, she has always felt free to follow her own curiosity and passion.


Maureen Doyle’s initial career in banking was followed by a call to adventure in the airline industry until she became enamored by education as a single mom, raising two daughters. The joy she witnessed in their learning led her to the inspiring fun of teaching Spanish, English, and science to middle schoolers for several years. Ten years ago Maureen combined all of her experiences and began coaching others through their new beginnings.


Today, Maureen Doyle is a Life Coach and bestselling author. She’s  inspired every day, as she witnesses her clients’ inner voices awaken while they create lives that light them up. Maureen continues to welcome life’s twists and turns as natural challenges that are part of the human experience. Maureen joins us today from Nashville, TN.


Get ready! Over the next 9 minutes, you will discover why Maureen Doyle is one of the wisest people I know!



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Content You’ll Love in This Episode

[00:00:01] - Intro

[00:00:58] - Welcome and updates

[00:01:52] - Brief bio for Maureen Doyle

[00:03:02] - Opening conversation

[00:03:20] - What’s the bigger challenge: school teacher or flight attendant

[00:04:38] - Her career progression into professional coaching

[00:05:20] - Her coaching niche, brain science; the stories we tell ourselves

[00:06:30] - Going from lit up to talking ourselves out of something

[00:07:10] - How to connect with Maureen

[00:08:00] - Opportunity for you: help keep this pipeline of wisdom flowing

[00:09:12] - Maureen Shares Her Main Thing

[00:10:26] - Life incident that led to discernment of wisdom

[00:11:28] - Times when Maureen relies upon her Main Thing wisdom

[00:12:40] - Skip challenges Maureen with a fill-in-the-blank question

[00:14:04] - Thank-you and so long for now

[00:14:22] - Outro