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Jun 15, 2022

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg. This is a special episode. It’s the next in our mini-series “Wisdom Revisited,” where we are reconnecting with a few of our most popular guests from Seasons 1 and 2. We will revisit those guests and revisit their wisdom, their main thing. What will we find? Has it remained the primary driving force in their life? Or has something new taken that place of prominence in their heart and mind?

Here in this special 20-minute episode, we are joined by Jason Gray, a singer, musician and songwriter, who shares his talent and artistry across the Contemporary Christian music space. 

“Jason Gray has emerged as a songwriter of extraordinary depth, with a noteworthy ability to convey deep theological truths,” according to Charisma Magazine. Jason has earned two ASCAP Performance Awards for his hit songs and also holds the distinction of having a #1 ranked song that stayed atop the charts for 9 weeks. His  latest album, released in 2020, is titled “Order, Disorder, Reorder.” Originally from Minnesota, Jason now resides in Nashville.

Listen and discover how Jason Gray has applied - and perhaps evolved - his Main Thing wisdom. 



The official Jason Gray music website

Ep. 9 of The Main Thing Podcast featuring 9 minutes of wisdom with Jason Gray


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Content You’ll Enjoy in this Podcast

[00:01] - Jason Gray's Main Thing #wisdom from January 2020

[00:40] - Intro, welcome and opening dialog

[02:28] - Quick look back at Episode 9 - Jason’s Main Thing; deeper listening

[03:15] - His expanded, nuanced main thing; a quote from Jason’s mentor

[04:05] - The trouble with words; a past conversation with his son; aggression hides hurt

[05:30] - What are the obstacles to being a good listener; being a healthy listener

[06:45] - Working to bring a healed self to relationships; past trauma and present triggers

[07:35] - Marriage as an example; we see the evidence that we’ve decided to see

[08:55] - Healing trauma within helps to avoid a disproportionate response

[09:23] - Skip relates with a personal example; a nudge from best friend

[10:30] - Collaboration in song writing

[12:30] - Jason gives a glimpse into four potential new albums

[13:10] - An opportunity for you to help keep the pipeline of wisdom flowing

[14:22] - Touring; looking back over past two years on smaller shows

[16:00] - The challenges of the commercial aspect of being a professional recording artist

[16:50] - Jason reveals the best cheeseburger in Nashville

[17:40] - Exploring Jason’s thoughts and observations on self-righteousness

[18:40] - Fear, failure and cancel culture; why we are all so invested in being right

[20:25] - Discovery mode contrasted with self-righteous mindset

[20:54] - Jason quotes Jordan B. Peterson

[21:50] - Thank-you and goodbye