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Feb 24, 2022

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg. Our special guest is an author, serial entrepreneur and creator. On Episode 63 you heard nine minutes of his wisdom. That was The Main Thing. Today you get The Whole Thing. 

In this 30-minute show, you’ll get more of my conversation with this polymath, who’s known as Silicon Valley’s “secret spark plug.” It’s a less edited, more organic version of my intriguing and wisdom-laden conversation with Rajesh Setty.

Get ready for more in-depth discussion of radical giving. Plus, you’ll learn the meaning and power of ‘Ichigo Ichie.’ You will be astonished and inspired when you discover how Rajesh views Parkinson’s Disease as gift, instead of a burden.

Bio (in case you missed Ep. 63)

Rajesh Setty is constantly in the middle of running experiments across a variety of seemingly unrelated areas of interest, always with the common goal of how to create a better world through the projects he incubates as one of the founders or participates in some meaningful capacity to help the founders. 

He is passionate about hunting for wisdom, curating, packaging, amplifying and expanding its reach, far and wide. One of the startups Rajesh co-founded, Audvisor, is designed to do exactly that. Through Audvisor, he brings over 125 world-class experts together to share actionable knowledge in the form of micro-podcasts delivered via an app. As a result, even busy people can grow wherever they go.

Rajesh joins us today from Sunnyvale, California in the heart of Silicon Valley.


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Content You’ll Enjoy in This Podcast

[0:01] - Rajesh Setty’s “Main Thing” recap

[0:20] - Intro and meet Rajesh

[1:30] - Greeting and non-traditional engineering career paths

[4:15] - The intrigue of being a wisdom-seeker; the appeal of wise people

[5:30] - Being fully present enables Rajesh to see in high fidelity

[6:05] - Ichigo Ichie

[7:20] - How we know each other; the first guest to be triple-nominated

[8:25] - Rajesh introduces his philosophy of pre-liking

[9:50] - His main thing wisdom revealed

[12:00] - Unpacking and exploring Rajesh’s main thing

[13:00] - Defining meaningful help; 4 modes of listening “J-O-I-N”

[14:40] - Assigning metrics to the value of helping

[16:30] - Skip wants to know how Rajesh became such a generous person

[18:40] - Skip shares a bit of his pre-show prayer

[19:25] - Rajesh’s karma account is overflowing; the business case for giving

[21:30] - The latency inherent in radical generosity

[22:45] - Skip would rather learn how to fish than be given a fish to eat

[23:50] - Rajesh introduces us to his philosophy of “TMMD”

[24:36] - Rajesh shares his views on his Sparkinson’s

[26:02] - Living in two modes: acceptance and wonder

[27:00] - The power in slowing down

[29:30] - How to avoid living in low fidelity

[30:30] - Thank you and so long for now

[31:25] - Outro

[31:45] - An opportunity for you to help keep the wisdom flowing