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Sep 18, 2020

Welcome to Episode 29 of The Main Thing Podcast and another dose of wisdom!  ’m your host, Skip Lineberg, and I am thrilled to introduce you to my special guest, Sheryl Grant.

Dynamic. Energetic. Positive. It is impossible to describe Sheryl Grant with one word or to place her into a category. Just wait … you’ll understand.

Sheryl Grant is a leader - first and foremost. Throughout her life wherever and whenever she encounters obstacles, barriers or challenges, she chooses to respond. When she became dissatisfied with her physical health and her waning motivation, she did something about it: she began training her mind and her body and … eventually wound up winning the title of Ms. Olympia in the sport of body-building.

When she encountered a glass ceiling or a brick wall, in the world of business. She not only responded in a way to overcome such adversity for herself, she launched and became involved in organizations to help thousands of other women to overcome such barriers.

She is a former sales executive who worked for several technology companies. Today, she is the founder & CEO of Sheryl Grant Enterprises, an educational platform where individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals go to exchange knowledge, mentorship and mutual support to achieve their goals. Listen to learn about her FIT for Business program.

Sheryl comes to us from Oakland, CA where she serves on the Oakland A's leadership council called “Town Business,” developing programming for the team’s corporate partners and entrepreneurs.

Get ready! Over the next nine minutes you will discover why Sheryl Grant is truly one of the wisest people I know.


Let’s tell our listeners how you and I are connected.

Would you share with our listeners the story of your journey from tired, soft and frustrated to someone who won the title of Ms. Olympia in the sport of competitive body-building?

Sheryl Grant, what’s the main thing you’ve learned so far in your lifetime?


Connect with Sheryl Grant:

Via LinkedIn

On Twiter - @sherylgrant

Her company SGE


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