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Sep 21, 2022

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! In this special 18-minute episode, we are joined by Andy Malinoski. Three years ago, Andy appeared as our first wise guest on Episode 1, the debut of this show.

Andy Malinoski is the director of the Office of Marketing and Communications for the West Virginia Department of Commerce, where he leads a talented team of creative professionals. He’s also a content creator who directs, hosts and produces podcasts and videos. Andy and his family reside in Charleston, West Virginia. 

He is a frequent advisor to show host, Skip Lineberg. His daughter, Emma Malinoski, is a talented graphic designer who helped craft the brand for this podcast. Andy is a skilled problem-solver, strategist and leader. And he’s one of the wisest people I know.

Listen and discover how Andy Malinoski has applied - and perhaps evolved - his Main Thing wisdom. 



Link to Andy’s podcast The Daily 304

Connect with Andy Malinoski on LinkedIn

Ep. 1 of The Main Thing Podcast featuring 9 min. of wisdom with Andy Malinoski

Special Episode (Ep. 36) “Switching Microphones with Andy Malinoski”

Books mentioned by Andy in this episode:

“Four Thousand Weeks” by Oliver Burkeman

“The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield


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Our friends at Jarrell Black encourage you to keep growing and seeking wisdom. Jarrell Black is pleased to serve small business clients from offices in Dublin and Mount Vernon, Ohio and its headquarters in Teays Valley, West Virginia. To learn more, visit online.


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Editor + Technical Advisor Bob Hotchkiss

Graphic Designer Emma Malinoski

Brand + Strategy Advisor Andy Malinoski

PR + Partnerships Advisor Rachel Bell


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Content You’ll Enjoy in this Podcast

[00:01] - Andy's Main Thing #wisdom from September 2019

[01:08] - Intro, welcome and opening dialog

[03:09] - Brief look back over our lives the past 3 years since Episode 1 dropped

[04:33] - Investments in self-care; new priorities in life

[05:42] - Message from our friends and show sponsors - Jarrell Black & Company

[06:15] - Testing Andy’s 2019 wisdom: is it still his main thing, or has it shifted?

[08:05] - Building on Pause with new #disciplines

[10:04] - Burkeman’s book; how many weeks do we have left?

[10:55] - The first breath each morning; Andy denies being a zen master

[11:09] - Skip’s observation on guests’ attitudes toward legacy and impact; mortality

[12:50] - Real, pure humility in the context of taking care; what matters

[13:45] - Andy shares the mindset of ‘being on vacation’ no matter the location

[14:05] - Getting inside the mind of a content creator; Pressfield’s book; helping others

[15:35] - Wasting the time of a marketing professional is communication malpractice

[16:08] - Andy wraps it up; encourages us not to be afraid to ask for help

[16:44] - Thank-you and goodbye

[17:10] - Outro