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Jul 10, 2021

Welcome back to The Main Thing Podcast! I’m your host Skip Lineberg. Our special guest is someone I greatly admire. She's someone with whom I’ve done business for several years. You heard her essential wisdom in Ep. 49, our standard nine-minute show. Today you will get The Whole Thing. This is a less edited, more organic version of my intriguing and wisdom-packed conversation with Lauren. Get ready for more stories, more laughs and more riffs on building a great company culture.

Bio (in case you missed Ep. 49)

Lauren Dixon began her career as a news broadcaster and still considers herself a storyteller. Since founding Dixon Schwabl Advertising 30+ years ago, she has led by inspiration and example. Always accessible to clients, Lauren is a hands-on executive dedicated to fostering a great workplace culture that enables people to do their best. Under her leadership, DS has  landed on the Great Place to Work® list for 15 consecutive years and won national recognition from Fortune magazine as the nation’s #1 place to work in advertising and marketing. Lauren comes to us today from Canandiagua, New York.



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Content in This Podcast

[1:30] - How it feels to pull back from her primary #leadership role

[1:50] - How her company helped me get started as a #podcaster

[3:20] - A look inside the award-winning #culture at Dixon Schwabl Advertising

[4:00] - A time when they had to fire a client

[4:30] - Don’t settle for a crummy culture

[4:44] - Why employees leave companies

[5:30] - How a poor work experience inspired #corevalues of Dixon Schwabl

[6:35] - Lauren introduces us to Positive Patty and Negative Nancy

[6:55] - Selecting people to fit your culture and values #hiring #teamwork

[8:22] - Community #arts project that remains a source of #pride for Lauren

[11:40] - Tough choices: Lauren’s favorite aspect of the advertising business

[12:35] - Sustaining a great culture and a #greatplacetowork is not a “one & done”

[13:55] - The best advice Lauren got from her dad

[14:50] - Lauren’s advice for new grads and young professionals #dabble

[16:25] - Lightning Round - quirky questions and lots of laughs, brought to you by @PodDecks [] 

          [17:10] - Bora Bora

          [17:20] - Fluffernutter sandwich

          [18:40] - #UnitedWay

[19:20] - Farewell #hackingwisdom